Sleeve pack box 1100mm*1100mm


  • Ext. Dimensions : 1100*1100(mm)
  • Int. dimensions : 1055*1055(mm)
  • Height after folding: 240(mm)
  • Load-bearing: 300(kg)
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    Ext. (mm ) 1100*1100
    Int.(mm) 1055*1055
    Height(mm) 860/1040/custom made
    Material(Lid and base) HDPE
    Material(Four walls) PP
    Max Loading capacity(KG) 300
    Folding Height(mm) 240
    Number of stacks 4(1+3)
    bottom Nine feet
    Fork Way Four-way fork
    Color Grey/Customized
    Lid Available YES
    Label Holder On Ends YES

    The 1100mm*1100mm Sleeve pack box is one of the more commonly used Sleeve pack box sizes. Its bottom support is: a double-layer plastic tray made of blister technology.
    What is a double-layer blister tray:
    Blistering is a plastic manufacturing process, which is different from injection molding and blow molding in that blistering is secondary processing. Plastic raw materials need to be processed into basic plates first, and then put into a prescribed mold, using machinery and high temperature. Makes the air pressure difference between the plates, which can deform the plates and fit closely with the mold. The bottom pallet of the Sleeve pack box is made in this way. The double-layer design can make the bottom pallet of the Sleeve pack box stronger, and the load-bearing parameters can also be increased a lot.
    The 1100mmx1100mm Sleeve pack box is a square Sleeve pack box. The Sleeve pack box is more used with a forklift. It can be used as a unit of three or four and packed and transported with a binding belt. Strictly speaking, Sleeve pack boxes can be classified as box pallets, which can be used as logistics pallets.

    Suitable markets for 1100x1100mm Sleeve pack boxes are:
    Auto parts market, household appliances market, fruit and vegetable market, logistics and transportation market, ore market, light industry market, daily necessities market, luxury jewelry market, etc.

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