What is logistics packaging design? Why do logistics packaging design?

Logistics packaging is an indispensable part of logistics transportation. Not all goods can be loaded uniformly or naked. Many semi-finished products, raw materials, are very fragile in themselves, but they are very valuable. For the transportation of these products, we need to provide them with separate packaging for protection. Moreover, according to different requirements, we need to carry out different packaging methods. For example, it only needs to be dust-proof and waterproof, and we only need to pack it with wrapping film. As for the packaging of the product, if you also want recyclable and impact-resistant performance, you can choose a dust curtain.

According to different requirements, the goods are packaged differently, which is the logistics packaging design.

The more valuable and high-precision goods, the more complex the logistics packaging. We often need to consider many factors, such as capacity, load-bearing, packaging methods, cleaning methods, etc. Among them, when we think about which plan to use, one of the key points that we can never get around is cost. How to reduce the cost as much as possible and meet the transportation requirements of the product is what a qualified logistics solution designer needs to consider at all times.

There are many ways to smoothly transport products to their destination, but they often cannot meet the requirements of saving time, effort and money at the same time. The design of logistics packaging is a long process, and the demand side and the service side need to constantly connect and run in. It will take a long time for the plan to be initiated and finally confirmed. Of course, it is a good choice to find an experienced logistics packaging design service provider, focus on the packaging supply chain, and design the packaging for product parts for many years. The company's packaging solution engineer, experience Rich.

Which areas need packaging design?

General parts manufacturers, product transportation in the manufacturing industry requires packaging design, among which the more common ones are auto parts manufacturers, metal casting manufacturers, etc. Among them, the parts of automobiles are frequent customers of logistics packaging design. The parts required for each type of vehicle are different, which requires a redesign of the packaging scheme. And every brand has new cars coming out every year, so the demand is huge.

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