How to stack and fix the products (packages) on the logistics pallet?

As one of the load-bearing units of standardized logistics, pallets are an indispensable part of our enterprise. How are the goods on the logistics pallet packed and fixed? Today, the editor will give you a detailed and brief answer on how to pack and stack goods using pallets.

1. Product (package) stacking

The stacking method of products (packages) on pallets involves the stability, pressure resistance and space utilization of the palletized unit. The stacking methods of products (packages) mainly include overlapping, positive and negative staggered, criss-cross, and rotary staggered (see picture), and there are others such as riding seam, vertical and vertical, vertical, assembly and ventilation. formula, etc.


The stacking method affects the performance of the pallet unit. Generally speaking, the overlapping stacking has high pressure resistance and space utilization, but the stability is poor; the rotating interleaved stacking has good stability, but the space utilization is low. ; Positive and negative staggered and criss-cross staggered stacking stability, pressure resistance and space utilization are better.

The national standard “GB/T 4892-2008 Rigid Cube Transport Packaging Dimensions Series” recommends 21 rigid cube packaging container sizes based on the pallet size and standard module size, which are calculated from the 600mmx400mm module size and the shape is 1200mmx1000mn. . The 600*400 plastic fruit and vegetable baskets in the middle package can be packaged and transported using 1200*1000 standard plastic pallets. 18 kinds of rigid cube packaging container sizes of 1100mmx1100mm pallet unit are calculated from the 550mmx366mm module size, and the corresponding stacking method map is provided, which provides a reference for the stacking design of the actual product pallet unit.

Second, the packaging is fixed

The fixing methods of pallet unit packages are mainly bundling and wrapping, and wrapping is mainly realized by stretch wrapping or shrink wrapping.

1. Binding and fastening Appropriate strapping belts and strapping structures should be selected according to the characteristics of the product and storage and transportation conditions. Straps include metal straps and non-metal straps, and steel straps and plastic straps are commonly used strapping straps. The bundling methods include horizontal bundling and vertical bundling. Vertical bundling is to bundle the package with the pallet. It is divided into primary bundling, secondary bundling and auxiliary bundling. See Figure 5-340. When bundling, the straps should be straight and have appropriate tension. , the strapping should be firmly sealed.

2. Wrapping Fastening The realization of stretch wrapping and shrink wrapping can refer to the stretch wrapping technology or shrink wrapping technology mentioned earlier. The fixation of the palletized unit package requires the use of some reinforcement accessories, such as guards, cover, cover, frame, support, partition, slat, frame, etc.


The following basic requirements should also be paid attention to for stacking and fixing of pallet unit packages:

1. The cargo load of the pallet container unit should be scientific, reasonable, safe and reliable, and meet the requirements of loading, unloading, transportation and storage.

2. The size and quality of the pallet container unit load should be compatible with the pallet size and its carrying capacity. The pallet of suitable strength should be selected according to the quality of the product to be loaded, and the height of the load should be minimized. Generally, the height of the center of gravity of the load of the palletized unit should not exceed two-thirds of the width of the pallet.

3. The stacking method, fixing method and protective reinforcement accessories of the goods on the pallet should be determined according to the type, characteristics and storage and transportation methods of the goods, and it should be ensured that the pallet unit load can withstand the impact of predetermined logistics shocks and vibrations.

4. The utilization rate of the pallet bearing surface area should generally not be less than 80%.

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