What innovations have the supply chain experienced?

The supply chain is an integral part of our society. What is the supply chain: the whole system in which we take the goods from the place of origin, to the terminal, and during the transportation process, is called the supply chain. In ancient times, it can also be called material transportation. The importance of the supply chain is very obvious. The ancients have already realized this, so there is the proverb: “When the army is fighting, the food and grass go first”. It can be seen that since ancient times, people have attached great importance to the supply chain and logistics guarantee.

In modern society, we ordinary people can better appreciate the convenience brought by supply chain optimization and realize the importance of supply chain. The development of the supply chain is divided into three stages, and each provides various advantages for the supply chain.

The first reform of the supply chain is due to the intervention of the IT industry, and the supply chain system has changed from the original smear to a mode that can be monitored and summarized. Take the supply chain of the fruit and vegetable industry as an example. In the previous supply chain, from the origin to the terminal, from the beginning to the end, we could not understand the situation during transportation. For example, we found that an apple was damaged when we arrived at the terminal. Know where it was damaged and where did this apple come from? If you can't find the problem, you can't solve it.

The first innovation of the supply chain has made the overall supply chain intelligent and data-based, and we can understand every problem in the supply chain from a macro perspective. How to optimize and reform the supply chain? Xiao Bian believes that the scientific method is to rely on data as the basis for optimization. Compared with individual thoughts, data is often tripartite and authoritative. The two-stage supply chain supported by data now has a good foundation for optimization and cost reduction

The change of the supply chain from the first stage to the second stage, we believe that the eyes are installed on the supply chain, so that we can better observe ourselves. The reform from the second stage from the third stage is to help the supply chain have hands and brains, so that the supply can be more efficient, and it can also be optimized and controlled more quickly under special circumstances. The innovation of the supply chain from the second stage to the third stage actually has the reasons for the recent epidemic.

The recurrence of the epidemic has forced the supply chain to consider its unstable factors, so that it can take out buffer time in the face of emergencies, as well as its ability to respond quickly and adapt. In this regard, the supply chain must become an intelligent existence, so that it can make decisions in a short period of time when emergencies occur. It also requires the supply chain to have a more flexible adaptability to quickly react and execute after a decision is made.

The optimization of the supply chain needs to consider the particularity of each era. The more severe the conditions are, the more rapid the growth of the supply chain can be. Whether it is traditional manufacturing, or popular emerging industries such as online fruit and vegetable distribution and new retail, the supply chain is extremely important. It is believed that in the future, the supply chain can be further innovated, more convenient and scientific.

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Created on:2022-06-08 10:21