Food & Agricultural Industry


Food and agriculture , in particular fruit and vegetable growing and processing is a very demanding business. It requires packaging with high efficiency, strength and resistance to harsh environment. Packaging also has to preserve freshness and quality of produce from field to supermarket shelf. For those applications, and for horticulture, processed vegetables, leafy salads and wine growing, CPP offers a wide range of strong, and reusable solutions: stackable crates, nestable crates, foldable trays, rigid and foldable large containers, perfectly meeting this end-use specific needs.

The foldable small crate are the best packagings for wholesalers, shippers, providing 80% space saving when folded.

Big Box is ideal for harvesting and long time storage in cool chambers for all type of pome fruits and stone fruits. The big box is lightweight, offers large internal volume and can stack up to 4,5 tons, optimising cool chamber use.

Our popular IBC is the most hygienic product on the market. With a high folding/robustness ratio and a capacity of up to 1,000 liters, the Combo is perfect for safely and hygienically granting the storing and transporting of liquid processed food like marmalades, juices, fruit concentrates, creams, etc. As well as chemicals and other products.

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Created on:2022-06-13 09:58