Retail & Mmanufacturing Industry

Retail distribution is all about the last 50 meters of the journey’ to the retail shelf. Jinglipack’s Retail-Ready plastic containers minimise damage and facilitate handling. In addition, being reusable, they help eliminate waste. They are tamperproof to ensure the safety of the contents and prevent pilfering.

Retail distribution has complex needs varying according to the type of product: grocery, sports goods ,textile garments, mail processing, automated handling and order preparation systems. For E-retail we design and offer standardised and customised packaging solutions for each case.

Folding small containers pioneered fruits & vegetable shelf ready retail packaging end use. For non-food products like sports goods, textile and other medium density products including CD’s, books, games toys… Our attach lid container offer maximised volume and safety thanks to attached lids and security seals. FLC for bulk vegetables (potatoes and onions), and non-food products on promotion directly from the warehouse to store shelves.

Jlinglipack offers storage containers and plastic pallets that provide returnable solutions to retailers. These improve the consumers shopping experience by increasing on-shelf availability and making it easier to choose products. At the same time, our products are designed to enhance your brand and to enable the consumer to get their goods home easily.




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Created on:2022-06-13 09:58