The reform of the machinery manufacturing industry is inseparable from the recycling packaging

Machinery manufacturing is one of the standards to measure the strength of a country. As the downstream of iron and steel smelting, it is engaged in various power machinery, transportation machinery, agricultural machinery, metallurgical mining machinery, chemical textile machinery, instruments, machine tools, instruments, etc. Providing machinery and equipment for other industries is the basis of production in all walks of life. Whether it is the clothing industry, logistics packaging, food processing industry, their assembly line equipment requires the machinery manufacturing industry to produce.

Although the machinery manufacturing industry is a traditional industry, it pays great attention to technological innovation. They need to produce a variety of mechanical parts and mechanical castings according to different scenarios. Irregular product styles also lead to different transportation methods, but they have one thing in common: high requirements for transportation packaging. Mechanical equipment, such as parts of machine tools, parts of large equipment. The processing and production of each product requires multiple processes and various raw materials, which leads to the expensiveness of machinery manufacturing products. Such high-value commodities also require high-cost transportation solutions to reduce the loss rate during transportation. Due to the unevenness of most of the parts, it is necessary to use the packaging method of the box to fix the goods. Instrumentation classes even require specially tailored packaging. The application of pallet boxes and coaming boxes came into being. As innovative products of recyclable plastic pallets, the use of pallet boxes and Foldable large contianer can optimize the transportation supply chain of mechanical parts, making the transportation of mechanical parts safer.

Last year’s double reduction policy made the machinery manufacturing industry also face reforms in the current environment. Due to the serious involution of the manufacturing industry and the grand plan of carbon neutrality, the state has implemented a double reduction policy. In the subsequent plans, the manufacturing industry is also required to carry out technological reforms in order to reduce energy consumption and exhaust emissions. Green and environmental protection will become the main direction of the future development of the machinery manufacturing industry, and even the entire manufacturing industry.

Why does the state intervene so strongly in the manufacturing industry? One of them is to achieve the concept of carbon neutrality. In fact, managing the environment is a long-term process. my country’s concept of environmental and industrial development follows the model of development and governance. We all know that if a country wants to be strong, the first thing that needs to be developed is industry. The development of industry cannot avoid pollution to the environment. The development concept of western countries is to develop industry first, and then manage the environment. However, the development time of our country is very short. It has only been a few decades since the founding of New China. Regarding the contradiction between industry and the environment, we have chosen the method of the golden mean, while developing and managing at the same time. Outstanding achievements have also been achieved. We can see that the Yellow River has become clear, the desert has become an oasis, the yellow sand in the north is no longer there, and the green plants of the city are constantly covering. Although the country’s environmental governance tasks have been successfully completed, it is far from enough!

If the country does not sign a carbon neutral agreement, our manufacturing industry may continue to develop unchanged. Now, the industrial structure of machinery manufacturing needs to be greatly adjusted, which is mainly reflected in the following points:

1. Energy consumption is reduced. Through technological innovation, the proportion of energy required for production is reduced
2. The emission reduction, the emission of exhaust gas, and the level of carbon dioxide emission need to be reduced
3. Optimize the industrial structure and use more recycled products, such as the use of recyclable pallets, cardboard boxes, coaming boxes, etc. for logistics packaging.

Although the innovation of the machinery manufacturing industry is imminent, it cannot be achieved in one step. What we can do at this stage is to examine our supply chain structure and see if there is room for improvement. Although this is not the most direct reform, it still has a good role in promoting its own optimization. The machinery manufacturing industry under the double reduction policy is forcing major enterprises to carry out reforms and innovations. Some of them may be eliminated, but a number of enterprises will be reborn. The bloated industry needs a sharp axe to chop off the branches, so as to bring upward development force to the industry.

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