Unitized logistics empowers the platform economy

The platform economy is of great significance to improving the efficiency of resource allocation in the whole society, promoting technological and industrial changes, and improving the level of social governance and public services. What is the platform economy? In simple terms, we can understand it as the network economy. In addition to the well-known shopping platforms such as Moubao and Moudong, there are also social media platforms, logistics platforms, and financial platforms.

The platform is more like a collection of virtual industries. For example, we want to buy furniture. In reality, we will go to the furniture city, where there are many furniture brands. Today, with the development of network technology, we will move the furniture city in the field to the network, so that everyone can buy furniture without leaving home. The same is true for logistics platforms, financial platforms, and social media platforms. The role of the platform is to save our time when going out and make transactions easier.

The platform economy can empower the high-quality development of the economy and society, while unitized logistics can empower the rapid development of the platform economy. Using pallets, pallet boxes and coaming boxes as logistics units can provide empowerment for the logistics system of the platform economy. Just like roller oil, it keeps the platform running smoothly and healthily. The logistics of the platform are mainly divided into industrial products, daily products, and services.

Unitized logistics packaging management of fruit and vegetable platform

Fruit and vegetable platform, standard fruit and vegetable turnover box, 600*400 size fruit and vegetable turnover box can meet the vast majority of fruit and vegetable transportation requirements. Moreover, most of the logistics packaging provided by the platform are recyclable packaging. The main consideration is that the cost of one-time packaging (carton, foam box) is high, and due to the controllability of its own platform, the use of recycled packaging is easier to recycle and maintain. The unified unitized fruit and vegetable baskets can facilitate the transfer of upstream and downstream transportation and save the operation of unloading the boxes.

Most of the industrial product platforms themselves may not provide services such as warehousing and transportation, and most of them are independent warehousing and transportation of suppliers. If it is the platform to carry out the transportation and turnover of industrial products, the difficulty is undoubtedly huge. The types of industrial products are different, and the modes of transportation are nothing more than three kinds of transportation: automobile transportation, sea transportation, and air transportation, but there are thousands of changes in the styles of transportation packaging. The platform itself cannot meet the packaging requirements of all industrial products, but the good news is that the country implements a policy of standardized logistics equipment. This makes it possible for the platform to integrate logistics and packaging.

The implementation of standardized logistics equipment allows the platform to only provide simple logistics turnover equipment, such as industrial product platforms, and 1200*1000 size standard plastic pallets, coaming boxes and cardboard boxes can basically meet their needs. Other special requirements can only be solved by suppliers themselves.

The platform economy is an inevitable trend of network development and one of the directions for the healthy development of the national economy. Recyclable, unitized logistics appliances can provide acceleration functions for the development of the platform. In the future, with the rise of the metaverse, the network platform will become an indispensable module of our life.

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Created on:2022-06-14 08:41