Application of plastic pallets in food supply chain

People take food as their heaven, and the food industry, for the whole world, is an industry that pays special attention. In China, people even give “food” a spiritual enjoyment. “Chinese people are very good at eating”, this is the evaluation of outsiders on us, not only because of the land of China, there are many delicacies, but also that each of us Chinese has the potential to be a gourmet. Because we love food, we have strict requirements for food taste and high requirements for food, which has given birth to all kinds of food. And how did these delicacies come to our table step by step?

We turned our vision from the gluttonous feast in China to the circulation of ingredients behind the scenes. After careful consideration, we can’t help but sigh, what kind of huge supply chain system can supply all kinds of ingredients on such a vast land? Every moment, we provide high-quality ingredients for banquets and households. In this ancient country with a long history, the food supply chain is very modern. We have changed from the original scattered trading, or relying on several sales models in markets and vegetable markets. Transition to platform-based transactions, online transactions, to centralized planting of individual ingredients, centralized distribution to large farmers markets, and then dispersed to every city, township. We will find that the basic mode of purchasing ingredients has changed: originally, consumers went to the market to find ingredients, but now the ingredients come to us. The reform and evolution of the food transportation supply chain is driven by many aspects.

Let’s go into detail. The bulk logistics turnover in the food industry is inseparable from the concept of unit logistics. In recent years, the state has issued various policies for food logistics, aiming to optimize my country’s food supply chain system. Among them, the unitized logistics system is the inevitable trend of supply chain development. Strip transportation, pallet transportation, mechanized transportation, automated logistics, network, and technology will drastically reform the traditional logistics industry. Among them, what is the unit pallet transportation of food?

The application of plastic pallets is a major trend in food transportation. The transportation of fast-moving products and finished products is inseparable from the empowerment of pallets. The implementation of the pallet as the unit of transportation structure, in the hearts of users, or people who are trying, can realize the cost-reducing dividends brought by plate transportation. And plastic trays may be more suitable for food production workshops with high hygiene requirements. A clean, sterile environment is not something that ordinary materials can do. Wood packaging, paper packaging, metal packaging, oxidation is an inescapable topic. Paper packaging is perishable, wooden packaging is easy to breed bacteria, and metal packaging is stained with rust after a long time. Only plastic packaging can dare to say that it is waterproof and will not be oxidized. When we visit the food production workshop, if we pay attention, we will find that most of the workers use plastic pallets and plastic turnover boxes for turnover.

Plastic pallets are the most used equipment in logistics turnover. Transportation of finished liquid beverages, transportation of food raw materials, transportation of finished food products, etc. Plastic pallets can be applied to any stage of goods turnover, and have truly become an indispensable member of the huge supply chain of food transportation. We should be grateful for every innovation and reform in the food supply chain, network, technology, informatization, and large-scale mechanization. These high-tech technologies that we think are very far away from our own lives, in fact, the ultimate purpose is to facilitate our lives. It will make our people’s “food” in the necessities of life more convenient.

Whether it is the boldness of Qilu, the plump and delicate Jiangnan, or the spicy enthusiasm of Sichuan and Chongqing. Divine Land, although everyone’s taste is different, but the same is our persistence and love for food. Life is full of joy, don’t let the golden bottle face the moon; I advise you to eat quickly and don’t hesitate to see that the south wind blows into bamboo; When is the moon coming? Ask the blue sky for wine; When a concubine rides a red dust, no one knows it’s a lychee. No matter what kind of emotional thoughts the ancients wanted to express, they would inadvertently put food into poetry. From ancient times to the present, we only have food, and we will not fail.

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Created on:2022-06-14 08:44