What are net vegetables? Which mode of transportation is suitable for clean vegetables?

What are clean vegetables?

This is a vegetable sales model that has slowly emerged in recent years. Most clean vegetables appear in supermarkets. Unlike other vegetables, most clean vegetables are of good quality, no damage, no soil, and have been washed with water. . Their display area has also received preferential treatment, loaded with disposable foam trays, and plastic wrap is dust-proof. The copies lie in a special area of ​​the supermarket, stored at a distance from each other, and will not be stacked together. Like the stars of tomorrow, they are different from their brothers and sisters, as if they are the protagonists of the vegetable area.

And these good vegetables that help you wash and choose, naturally worth a higher grade.

Does clean vegetables have anything to do with our lives?
Most aunts who go shopping disdain this kind of sales mode, preferring to pick and choose among the piles of normal-priced vegetables. They believe that this is the rhythm that should be followed when buying vegetables. What’s the fun after buying the selected ones? The supermarkets must understand this aspect, so the audience of Jingcai, from the very beginning, is not our lovely aunts.

The target audience of Jingcai is the younger generation. Some are white-collar workers and some are technicians. These groups have achieved economic independence, and most of them have established a family, or want to cook for themselves. But they may not have time to choose one by one like the aunts. They are more willing to choose clean dishes that are in good condition and do not even need to be cleaned. In the new generation of consumer concepts, it is acceptable to purchase services and time at a slightly more expensive price.

What is the market for clean vegetables?

In addition to the large supermarkets that we are familiar with, the clean vegetable market also has a special clean vegetable supermarket and a clean vegetable market. Most of these stores are opened in mid-to-high-end neighborhoods in large and medium-sized cities, and the audience is also today’s younger generation.

In addition to clean vegetables supermarkets that directly target consumer groups, clean vegetables are also used on some special occasions. For example, our catering raw materials, serving hot pot, restaurant vegetables, can also use clean vegetables. Today’s food and beverages are also moving at a fast pace in cities. Many ingredients cannot be selected and cleaned in the store, especially in chain stores. In cities with little land and little money, many stores that depend on complexes even have simple heating functions. . So they mostly choose clean vegetables, where can the vegetables be cooked directly.

What is the transportation of clean vegetables?

How about the transportation and supply of clean vegetables? In addition to the large supermarkets will hire personnel to complete the selection, cleaning and packaging of clean dishes at the sales terminal. Whether it is a special clean vegetable market or a large-scale catering, it needs to be supplied by clean vegetable suppliers. And how is this centralized clean vegetable supply model transported? What kind of transportation is used? Before the clean vegetables are transported, some of their packaging will be in the form of plastic film to avoid dust. However, this model of clean vegetable packaging is too wasteful of one-time packaging, and many clean vegetable suppliers are unwilling to incur such costs. Since clean vegetables will not be transported over long distances (long-term transportation of vegetables will deteriorate), some suppliers will directly use plastic baskets for transportation and turnover. In order to reduce squeezing, the height of the plastic baskets will be reduced, and then stacked layer by layer. After being transported to the store, there will be a second sorting by store staff. After one day’s sales in the store, we will collect the transport baskets of clean vegetables.

For plastic baskets, because they are in direct contact with vegetables, the value of these clean vegetables is higher. We generally use food-grade PP folding fruit and vegetable baskets or telescopic baskets, which are also convenient for return transportation.

Foldable Bulk Containers and Sleeve pack box  cannot be used for the transportation of clean vegetables. It is easy to squeeze because the conditions are not up to the standard.

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