Recyclable strip transportation provides help for high-quality optimization in manufacturing

2021 is approaching. Although this year is a year of economic recovery after the epidemic, the industry’s internal roll-up and the rise in energy prices still make the development of our manufacturing industry difficult. We can’t help but reflect on how the economy will develop in the next 2022, and where will our manufacturing industry go?

Manufacturing slowdown has become inevitable

The issuance of the double restriction policy can be said to directly curb the continuous and abnormal development of the involution phenomenon. Compared with the next year, the manufacturing industry’s production restriction policy will still make the mainstream. The principle of “mainly internal circulation, supplemented by external circulation” also indicates that future trade will still be dominated by domestic trade, and foreign trade will still be suppressed to a certain extent. The development of the manufacturing industry is also slowing down, and there will not be the phenomenon of full orders like this year.

The manufacturing industry takes advantage of this time to optimize itself

The development of the manufacturing industry has slowed down, and everyone’s attention has been focused on optimizing their own industries from a large number of orders. The editor often pays attention to national policies and finds that the term “high quality” appears in many policy documents, such as high-quality cold chain transportation, high-quality logistics, and improving industrial quality. The domestic manufacturing industry will face a major reform. Green, energy saving, environmental protection, and cost reduction will become the focus of corporate reform.

The company withdrew its vision from the internal struggle, began to examine itself and optimize itself.

Innovation and development, core technology improvement is one aspect. Internal supply chain optimization is also an important link for companies to optimize themselves during this time. An enterprise hopes to make progress in reform, revolutionary innovation and progress are one. But the core technology cannot be broken in a short time, what should I do? Lie flat? Of course not. Optimizing your own structure is also a form of reform. Even if the space shuttle can go to the sky, in addition to the propulsion system, it also needs its own material to be titanium alloy armor.

Strip transportation is the key to supply chain optimization. Strip transportation is pallet transportation. When transporting goods, why do we need to bring pallets together for transportation turnover? What does it mean to transport with a board? The bottom of the goods is carried by pallets for better mechanical operations and forklift operations. An enterprise completely uses plate transportation, which also means that the logistics turnover of this enterprise will be changed from the original purely manual transportation to a mechanized transportation mode.

Therefore, don’t underestimate the small thing of pallets. Its entry implies that the entire supply chain needs to be reformed. Mechanization and intelligence will follow. The prerequisite for the generation of an intelligent logistics system is pallets and pallet boxes. Only with the basis of board transportation, the supply chain can join network equipment, and smart equipment can be upgraded to smart logistics. Pallets are the load-bearing unit of logistics, and enterprises choose to use plate transportation, which is also an important step in the reform of the supply chain.

When many companies choose to transport with plates, the main point they consider is that they need a fee to purchase pallets in the early stage. The larger the enterprise, the greater the magnitude it needs. At this time, the recyclable pallet rental model can dispel your worries. Use first, pay later, pay on demand. Moreover, the pallet circulation mode is also an operating mode encouraged by the government. Not only can you optimize your industrial structure, but also reduce your financial pressure.

For the optimization of the manufacturing industry, we start with the trial run of plate transportation!

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