Folding plastic boxes to replace wooden boxes helps enterprises reduce logistics costs

The cost reduction of logistics should not only focus on the cost reduction of the transportation stage, but the transportation cost of vehicles constitutes a chapter. The transportation costs are there. In fact, it is already very clear that fuel costs, tolls, etc., only need to reduce the vacancy rate of vehicles, and the cost can be reduced. The real cost reduction is not elsewhere.

As a key part of logistics transportation, logistics packaging is the top priority of reducing logistics costs. The current logistics packaging is undergoing reform. From the original, wooden packaging was the dominant one, and it was gradually replaced by plastic packaging. The one-time packaging was the dominant one, and it was gradually replaced by recyclable packaging. In fact, compared to foreign countries, logistics packaging made of wood is relatively rare. my country’s industry and logistics have developed in a relatively short period of time. Compared with the long history of industrial revolution and industrial development in Europe and America, the development of our modern industry still depends on the country’s five-year plans. However, foreign countries have gradually started to use wooden pallets since the last century, and they are still in use today. Therefore, the replacement of foreign pallets is more difficult.

In China, due to the continuous influx of new things, we have begun to try different logistics packaging, such as cardboard boxes and hoarding boxes, which are plastic folding boxes designed on the basis of pallets. Their appearance, against the target, is a wooden box. The intention is to replace wooden boxes and carton packaging, so that logistics packaging can be recycled. Many companies actually do not want to change the existing packaging system. Yes, they admit that their existing standards may have room for cost reduction, but there will be no problems with this set of system standards. Once you start to change the original packaging mode, you are not sure what unknown problems will occur during the formal operation.

According to this situation, when we replace the original standard, we will do it step by step.

One: Sample

Generally, companies will buy one or more cardboard boxes, hoarding boxes, and sample samples from the factory. Simulate the process for sample testing, for transportation, for road testing, and for stacking and other tests. This time is often a long time, usually a few months before there is a result, after all, replacement is a big move, you need to be cautious.
Two: small batch replacement

After the sample is successful, the company will replace it in small batches and formally enter the production line. Maybe this small batch is a gap in the new project, or it is time for some wooden boxes of the old project to be replaced. Generally, the entire supply chain will not be replaced at one time. The reasons for this are as follows: 1. The cost of all replacement is relatively high, and some of the wooden boxes that can be used will cause waste of resources; 2. The operating habits of workers need to be cultivated, all Replacement will result in improper operation by workers for a while, which will affect efficiency. 3. It is not yet possible to confirm whether the entire supply chain will be affected after the packaging is replaced.

Three: Replace all

After the replacement in small batches, we have compared various data and learned that plastic folding boxes can really reduce costs, and they have no bad impact on the entire supply chain. This cycle may be one year or three years. By the time of the annual report, any recyclable plastic folding packaging that has been used will have lower logistics costs than wooden boxes and cartons, and companies will naturally tend to fold plastic recyclable packaging.

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Created on:2022-06-14 09:00