Current situation and trend of green logistics development

What is green logistics? How should we define green logistics? China has just issued the 2021 edition of logistics terms, which defines green logistics. In fact, if we intuitively understand that green logistics is a green concept, through the efficient agglomeration of resources, to achieve a high degree of unity of economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits, which is the essence of green logistics.


In terms of its composition, green logistics is the most fundamental, or the most important, the first is to optimize intensive resources. Intensive resources and concentrated resources are different concepts: agglomeration is to gather together, but optimization and intensification is to maximize and make the most effective use of all kinds of resources, which is the meaning of intensive resources. At the same time, we should carry out green transportation. In the past, our transportation was extensive. Now, how to be more low-carbon and green, we should adopt some technical means and methods, and even innovate and change the organizational model. Green warehousing, green packaging and waste disposal define green logistics conceptually. What is the difference between it and traditional logistics?

First, the theoretical basis of green logistics is more extensive. It mainly studies the theory of ecological economics and ecological ethics of sustainable development. The concept and connotation of ecology are put into it.


Second, there are more administrative subjects. In the past, logistics may be the specific operation of logistics enterprises, or include some warehousing and transportation operators, but now it may include more subjects, including governments, manufacturers and even users, and its scope of action and behavior subjects are more extensive.


Third, the scope of activities is broader, including not only transportation, warehousing, but also some front-end production, most of which are included in the supply chain.


Fourth, the ultimate goal is to achieve sustainable development. Our traditional logistics industry pays more attention to economic benefits and the optimal utilization of resources, or to achieve the optimal efficiency and economic benefits, so as to achieve the overall optimization, which is the focus of traditional logistics. However, green logistics not only pays attention to the optimization of benefits and the improvement of efficiency, but also pays more attention to sustainability, green and environmental protection. It should be understood from this perspective that in the green logistics system, there are more subjects that need to be coordinated and more influencing factors that need to be coordinated, that is to say, the complexity of logistics should be greatly deepened.


The United States, Japan and the European Union all put forward more requirements for the development of green logistics in different periods. For a simple example, after 2000, in Germany, Italy, France and other European countries, if a logistics company wants to bid for a logistics outsourcing project of a production enterprise, then the enterprise's green logistics or indicators in energy conservation and environmental protection is an important consideration, which has become a necessary option.


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