Seven reasons to upgrade your supply chain with plastic pallets

With each passing day, talents are coming out in large numbers. This is an era of industrial upgrading. Among them, the effect of supply chain optimization and upgrading is like a shot in the arm for enterprises, and the promotion of plastic pallets in the supply chain has many benefits, including cost reduction, safer operation, and support for automation and logistics. Modern improvements in supply chains such as networking technologies.

At this moment, are you considering using RPCs to replace the outdated and bulky wooden pallets? Are you still hesitating? Here are seven reasons why the use of plastic pallets could revolutionize your supply chain and make up your mind.


1. Economical plastic pallets


Aside from the obvious improvements in quality and construction, plastic pallets are cost-effective enough to be a viable option. We can do the math: Because plastic pallets last longer, they don’t need to be replaced as often as wooden pallets, which significantly reduces the cost per use. And, if you choose to supply chain pallet leasing, we have a well-managed pallet pool system with upfront costs borne by us, so you can invest your existing funds in other areas of the supply chain.


2. The plastic tray meets the food grade standard


Most plastic trays meet food grade standards. They are made from brand new plastic pellets and no harmful substances are used in the production process. Their food compliance makes them ideal for transporting goods safely. Of course, plastic trays can also be made from recycled materials, which is an eco-friendly option for non-food sectors such as industry.


3. They are hygienic


Due to the smooth surface of the plastic tray, it is easy to wash and keep clean. Bacteria, fungi and mold have no chance of surviving on plastic pallets. However, wooden pallets can grow bacteria because moisture penetrates the wood, a feature that also means they cannot be cleaned as often. Therefore, RPCs are a safe choice for transporting food. The fact that plastic pallets are more hygienic has led to their widespread adoption in environments that rely on reliable hygiene, such as food and consumer product production.


4. Easier to transport with plastic pallets


Plastic pallets can receive preferential treatment for foreign traders. If you choose wooden pallets for cross-border transportation, you need to add additional steps of fumigation, and the procurement time will increase. But if you choose plastic pallets, you can improve the efficiency and safety of transportation.


5. Plastic pallets support consistent size for automation


Because the plastic pallets are molded, the size and weight are always consistent with virtually zero disruption to your automated material handling system. Uniform size and damage resistance for smoother automated production lines and reduced risk of belt jams. For wooden pallets, the wood chips generated by collision and friction may be fatal to some high-precision assembly lines.


6. Smart logistics and the Internet of Things make plastic pallets better managed


Today's smart logistics are more inclined to embed tracking and tracing technologies such as RFID tags, GPRS and IoT technologies on recycled plastic pallets. Because of the durability of plastic pallets, they last longer than wooden pallets. The key point is that most of the plastic trays are integrally formed. When designing the mold, there will be a reserved opening for the RFID tag. Using data to track your shipments will make the supply chain more "transparent and palpable", and this is just one of the many applications of IoT technology. As IoT becomes increasingly important to supply chain operations, every asset, especially pallets, must be designed to accommodate future changes and developments. Upgrading outdated wooden pallets to plastic pallets with traceability will simplify your operation and increase efficiency.


7. Plastic pallets do not contain foreign objects in wooden pallets


Keep away debris in wood pallets, such as sawdust, debris, and nails, which can increase the risk of employee injury, clogged conveyor belts, or damage to products and packaging. Plastic pallets provide a clean work environment and storage area free of these potentially hazardous materials. From cost savings to improving safety and simplifying your operations, the benefits of plastic pallets are just too great. It's time to choose plastic pallets to improve the efficiency of your business, you will witness the more convenience they bring, and the benefits brought by the optimization and upgrading of your own supply chain.


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Created on:2022-08-11 14:10