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Jinglipack is dedicated to the production and development of recyclable packaging, and is currently located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, engaged in the custom development and sales of logistics packaging.



With the upgrading and development of products, Jinglipack has many molds for plastic recyclable packaging products. If you are looking for a partner who specializes in providing logistics packaging solutions such as pallet boxes and hoop boxes in Wuxi, we are a good choice.



Jinglipack is part of Jiangyin Moulding Group, which has been established for more than 50 years and is itself an auto parts supplier with very stringent packaging needs for auto parts. Seiko Packaging, from the very beginning of its establishment, has been adhering to the principle of practicality and quality, producing and designing each set of logistics packaging products.




Because we are the user, we also know that the most important thing is the safety of the use of logistics packaging. We are more willing to guide our customers to use the better quality of the material, production of millions of things, safety first.



The production of the pallet sleeve box mainly consists of: the production of heaven and earth cover, and sleeve thick processing two parts.

Heaven and earth cover using the blister process, the need to heat plastic particles, and later use the mold fixed cooling molding, while the production process of the hoarding is more complex, need to sew the edges, cutting size, two pieces of hoarding pressed together, open the small door and a series of processes before being put into use.



Jinglipack, a recyclable material packaging service expert, is dedicated to the development and production of plastic pallets, pallet sleeve boxes, plastic pallet boxes, and small material boxes.

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