Pallet sleeve box’s Production process


With its own quality and light weight, strong load-bearing capacity, occupy a large part of the market share.

How is a hoarding box produced? How long does it take?

Today, I take you into the Jinglipack production base, let us understand the production process of pallet sleeve box


The pallet sleeve box name comes from the fact that its bottom bracket, as well as the lid are made using the blister process.


Lids and pallet are made using a blister machine to complete the production of plastic particles raw materials, after high temperature, the formation of adhesive form, the top of the apparatus outflow, and then the two-piece metal mold to fix the shape.


The production process of the sleeve is the opposite of the heaven and earth cover, there is no development process in the early stage, only the production processing is needed.


Honeycomb board is the main hoarding type of pallet sleeve box, the production of semi-finished products of the sleeve, but also need to cut, sewing, splicing and other processes to finalize.


In the Jinglipack production base, there are separate sleeve secondary processing, but also sleeve box automatic processing line platform to improve efficiency.



The production of pallet sleeve boxes, although seemingly simple, also requires a lot of time and preliminary preparation.


Jinglipack, dedicated to the development and manufacture of pallet sleeve boxes, we are committed to the promotion and application of recyclable logistics boxes!



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Created on:2022-11-18 13:48