What is the maximum height of the hoarding of the pallet sleeve box?


The pallet sleeve box is composed of the hoarding board as well as the lid and pallet, of which the sleeve determines the overall height of the pallet sleeve box, and because the customizable performance of the sleeve is very strong.


Height is generally adjustable at will, according to customer requirements custom-made. Many people think that the sleeve can be infinitely high, but in fact, the height of the hoarding box is limited, generally about 1.3 meters, this figure is how to come? Depends on what?



First of all, generally our sleeve will be lower than the short side of the pallet sleeve box, and, our 1m * 1.2m  box, it is recommended that the height of the sleeve do not exceed 1m, so that the sleeve can be conveniently folded and placed in the pallet and cover, recycling will be easier. Of course, if there are special circumstances, it is possible to achieve a height of about 1.2 meters. But definitely not more than 1.3m, the main reason for limiting the height of the sleeve, lies in the machine tool.


Surrounding the pallet sleeve box of the sleeve domestic are generally honeycomb board, and the production, reprocessing honeycomb board equipment, the width of up to meet the 1.3m height.


Hardware set the limit is insurmountable, if you want a higher height of pallet sleeve boxes, you need to upgrade the production line.

But, at this stage, no one will do so, because no one will make the pallet sleeve box so high. This is related to the properties of the box itself, the direction of development of the pallet sleeve box, has always been to the light, convenient direction,So the pallet sleeve box generally used the PP material honeycomb board, compared to the previous years of hollow board, rice board, indeed increased the impact and pressure-bearing capacity, but not as far as the pallet box injection molding hoarding strength and toughness.


And want to increase the height of the pallet sleeve box, there is a problem is always around, we need to solve the pressure generated by the sleeve bending phenomenon. In the normal use of the pallet sleeve box, stacking is a common way of use.


Multi-layer stacking, the sleeve will be subject to the pressure of the upper pallet sleeve box stacking, and, because the sleeve uses a relatively small thickness of PP board, taking into account the mechanics of pressure, the sleeve in the pressure, there will be the characteristics of the outer wall distortion, if the height is too high, the greater the magnitude of the outer wall bending.


In serious cases, it will lead to pressure to the goods themselves, or the sleeve plate falls off and breaks. Therefore, the general high pallet sleeve box, its load-bearing requirements, as well as stacking requirements will be more stringent. So, for various reasons, the height of the domestic hoarding box applications are not very high.


In fact, the design of many domestic pallet sleeve box height will be very low, such as 700 high, 800 high.


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