Jinglipack - dedicated to logistics packaging design and development, plastic mold design

Many customers think that Jinglipack is just a simple crate manufacturer. We can only produce the classic pallet boxes, hoop boxes, and small material boxes that we are familiar with. But apart from these general plastic crates, we are also good at developing and designing logistics packaging.


We are actually more good at the development and design of logistics packaging, especially in the design of pallet sleeve boxes or pallet box, Energy Packaging has a wealth of experience. It is mainly divided into the following steps.


1.Needs analysis

Jinglipack, or summarize and categorize according to the customer's needs. First will confirm a few sets of common outer box types for alternative. Such as the use of, pallet boxes, pallet sleeve boxes, plastic pallet boxes, etc. In the pre-contact with the customer, give the design concept.



2.Concept drawing, prototyping

After the initial proposal is approved, we will proceed with the design and production of the drawings to prepare for the next mold development.


3.Mold Development

After the preliminary drawing design is completed, a formal mold development session is required. At this stage, it needs to be verified by actual usage scenarios. Continuous optimization, modification, and final confirmation of the mold.


Jinglipack, dedicated to logistics packaging solution design and customized plastic packaging production. Over the years, we have accumulated rich experience in mold development and a wide variety of industries. pallet sleeve box customization, pallet box customization service!

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