After the autumn, the heat remains

Although we officially entered the autumn last Sunday, Shandong region gradually began the cooling mode, but Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions are still in the heat as always. What difficulties will the persistent high temperature bring to logistics and how should we cope with it?


The continuous high temperature will first affect the enthusiasm of the workers, such as the driver master, the staff of the warehouse. Not only need to resist the high temperature of up to 40 degrees, but also need to withstand the direct sunlight.


Work enthusiasm is greatly reduced, and even the phenomenon of heat stroke can occur. Several cases of heat stroke appeared a few days ago, so we have to pay attention to the impact and difficulties brought by high temperature. Reduce the working hours, pay attention to heat stroke, consume more salt water, etc. These can effectively avoid the tragedy.


Moreover, high temperature for logistics equipment, logistics apparatus have a fatal injury. Plastic material, continuous high temperature baking material will become soft, easy to deformation. Therefore, our plastic pallets, hoarding boxes, pallet boxes, should be avoided when loading goods, placed outside for a long time. Even vehicles in this hot and hot world, long time parking, exposed to the sun, will appear spontaneous combustion phenomenon.


After the autumn, the high temperature remains, and the high temperature will have to last for some time. Here, we are especially grateful to the logistics people who are still struggling on the front line!


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Created on:2022-11-29 13:54