Small designs make a big difference

JIngliack is a professional logistics packaging design and manufacturer. Over the years, we have focused on the design and manufacture of various kinds of logistics packaging. A logistics packaging from design to production, to the final mold finalization, need to go through continuous testing, as well as the real operation of the situation constantly according to the realization of upgrades.


Then gradually optimize, gradually balance all aspects of factors before the final mold production. The modern logistics packaging, plastic hoarding box as a logistics recycling box, quickly become the star product of various industries.


A small pallet sleeve box, there are many small accessories, small details. They all have their own role. Today, I take you into the world of the pallet sleeve box.



In order to facilitate workers to open the lid, you can add cloth pull ring to the lid. In this way, the action of opening the lid, which requires two workers to operate conveniently, can be done by a single person only.


In fact, under standard circumstances, the delivery of the pallet sleeve box generally does not have a pull ring. However, in actual operation, this design was added to save labor cost as well as increase efficiency, making the product more complete.


The top of the sleeve can be printed in addition to the design of small doors, but also in the appropriate location to prevent label pockets. Label bag using plastic bag design, can be convenient for people to place the label in the label bag.


Plastic material, but also can play a waterproof and dustproof function. Before the design of the label bag, people who need to distinguish the information of the products in the pallet sleeve box, the conventional operation is directly marked in the pallet sleeve box, or take the stickers sticky. Direct labeling affects the aesthetics of the pallet sleeve box, stickers are easy to lose, and difficult to clean later.



Label bag this a small design, so that the pallet sleeve boxes can be used as cargo packaging to help companies to do centralized management.

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Created on:2022-12-23 10:39