Thank you 2022. Hello 2023!

We are near the end of the year in which we have launched some new products, as for the heavy duty sleeve packaging, the onion bin, the new footprint 800*600mm foldable container… In the meantime, regular business was continuing. Looking back we are proud of the result, which couldn't have been possible without our customers, suppliers and other partners. We would like to take this moment to thank you for the support and believe!

For 2023 we have already been making new plans and we have laid out our path for growth. We will still focus on the returnable transit packaging, and integrate our know-how, product development capability and production resources in injection molding, blow molding, twin thermoforming, roto molding... We hope to create the values together with our partners.

We will invest in a number of standard test equipment to achieve more controllable in-plant testing. With our FEA analysis, we can design and test the customized products according to the customers' need. 

All of the above we will carry out with a sustainable mindset so we are actually contributing to a better world. We will introduce the RTP(returnable transit packaging) clean machines to save the water and energy when we provide the RTP pooling service to our customers. Apart from making the difference ourselves, we are delighted to help our customers to be more sustainable by introducing our returnable packaging into their supply chain.

We wish you all a successful and happy 2023. 
Jingli Pack

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Created on:2022-12-30 11:17