Car fuel tank packaging case

Original packaging plan

Packaging form: wooden pallet + paper box + paper lining

Negative: 1 piece of pollution per pallet; leisurely use, no recycling, a large number of occurrences; easy to absorb moisture at sea and return to normal

It can float steadily and cannot protect the products in the box well.

Use modified packaging products to protect the product

Improvement plan

Packing form: Sleeve pack box;The fuel tanks are separated and stacked by plastic partitions, and fixed with a corrugated paper frame in the middle

Practical effect: Each piece of support; durable and environmentally friendly; the volume after folding is 1/5, which takes up a small space; light weight, simple operation, high packaging efficiency, and reduced overall logistics costs.

The most important thing about the use of hoarding boxes to transport automobile fuel tanks is to consider the function of waterproofing. During the transportation of the automobile fuel tank, it is also one of the important indicators to avoid being immersed in water while ensuring that it is not impacted. Especially when it comes to international transportation, most of them are by sea. The shipping time is very long, so if you use wood, especially paper packaging. Humid air will cause paper packaging to be damp and deformed, and wooden packaging will also be moldy and damaged. If the automobile fuel tank is corroded by sea water and rain during transportation and turnover, serious conditions will cause the product to fail to be used normally and cause serious losses!

In terms of logistics turnover of auto parts, we have accumulated transportation experience over the years. Automobile fuel tank packaging and transportation, automobile transmission shaft packaging and transportation, automobile steering wheel packaging and transportation, etc. Our Sleeve pack box have many sizes, 1120*800, 1200*1000, 1100*1100, 1150*980, 1350*1150, 1470*115, 1600*1150.

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