Are Recyclable Pallet Rentals a Big Trend for 2022?

2022 will be a brand new chapter and a year of economic recovery. Just after the Chinese New Year, we ushered in the Beijing Winter Olympics. I can't help but mention that the grand opening ceremony of Laomouzi is still trustworthy. Among them, unexpectedly, is the ignition method of this opening ceremony. Very special, unlike all Winter Olympics, the Olympics are different. It's not a spectacular, atmospheric ceremony. Instead, the last torch was placed in a specific position, and it was completed, which formed a strong contrast with the previous ones.

Such an unexpected ignition method actually reflects two concepts.

First, the torch is an ignition device, which represents the idea that the Olympic flame will not be extinguished and the Olympic spirit will last forever. Second, it embodies the concept of low carbon and environmental protection, and the spectacular ignition ceremony consumes a lot of manpower and material resources, such as the flying ignition of our Beijing Olympics. In this Winter Olympics, the torch is the concept of the lighting ceremony, which reduces extravagance and waste without losing creativity, which also reflects our country's determination to achieve "carbon neutrality".

The Winter Olympics, as my country's first large-scale event to show itself to the outside world this year, the concept expressed is also the direction of our development this year.

Green, recyclable and environmentally friendly will become the basis for future economic manufacturing development. It is mentioned in the "High-Quality Logistics Planning" that if you want to develop the direction of logistics and move towards the concept of green and environmental protection, you need to expand the recyclable pallet transportation mode. In this way, the recyclable pallet economy is synonymous with green logistics and low-carbon logistics. Why is this? Low carbon and environmental protection are mainly reflected in two points: one is to effectively control the existing environment, and the other is to reduce environmental pollution. The recyclable pallet rental model is only in line with the second point, and was written into the "Planning" by the state.

Many people do not understand how a simple pallet leasing model is related to low-carbon environmental protection.

At this stage, the economy and the environment are still in opposition. If a country's economic strength wants to be rapidly improved, it needs the rapid development of manufacturing and industry. The brutal expansion of these two industries is very fatal to the environment of the production area. In traditional industries, development and pollution can be said to have a symbiotic relationship. The recyclable use mode can effectively reduce the idle scrap rate of products. Indirectly reduce the production quantity of new products, as well as the pollution to the environment.

Then we must need this mode of pallet transportation?

Pallet transportation and plate transportation are inevitable products of large-scale logistics. Today, with the continuous development of machinery manufacturing industry, the cost of forklift operation under bulk transportation is reduced, coupled with the rising cost of labor, mechanized operations have gradually replaced the original manual transportation. The efficiency improvement brought by plate transportation is also destined for unitized transportation, which will serve as the basis for logistics development in the future. Relying on the pallet leasing model of recycling packaging enterprises, compared with ordinary pallet procurement, it will undoubtedly provide enterprises with more cost reduction. When enterprises choose recyclable logistics equipment and recyclable pallets, the initial idea must be to achieve cost reduction. For the recyclable pallets in the rental mode, the initial investment is small, and there are special personnel for cleaning and recycling, which can undoubtedly meet the demand for cost reduction.

2022 will be a year of economic recovery and a year of real implementation of low-carbon environmental protection. Pallet leasing will become a major trend in logistics development in 2022.

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Created on:2022-06-14 08:30