The selection of cold meat turnover baskets needs to be taken seriously

Cold meat is one of the meats we often use. Most of the meat we eat is actually cold meat. Chilled meat is not frozen meat, these are two different feelings. Chilled meat is slaughtered, and the internal temperature is kept at 0~4℃ to ensure that there is no growth of bacteria in the later processing. Generally, the shelf life of cold meat is about one week.

How to transport and turnover of cold meat? Under the cold chain transportation regulations, standard turnover boxes are generally used, and 600*400 is more common. The requirements for the cold meat baskets are relatively high. Meat is a regular food. The main advantage of cold fresh meat is also that it is sterile and hygienic. Therefore, food safety is very important for the entire supply chain of cold meat. The hygienic standard of the turnover basket used for loading, transportation and turnover of cold fresh meat must pass the customs.

How to choose a cold meat turnover box

There are many plastic baskets on the market, and the price gap is very large. Many purchases have no way to start when choosing. The cheap ones are worried about bad quality, and the expensive ones are afraid of being cheated. In fact, the plastic baskets on the market generally only need to consider two factors, one is the material and the other is the weight. Weight is the main criterion when we buy products. Remember when buying tables and chairs, heavier weight means strong. The same wood, weight, means more materials, means good! Plastic materials can also use this criterion. Heavy weight means more materials and hard to use. After all, everyone doesn’t like light baskets.

Use brand new materials, food grade PP material

The other is the material, we return to the cold meat turnover basket. Due to the high sanitation requirements of the processed food and meat environment, we recommend the use of plastic baskets, which will not oxidize and breed bacteria. There are also good and bad plastic materials. Buyers need to remember to use plastic baskets made of new materials, and it is a must. Since our country’s plastic recycling technology has not yet reached the standard, the hygienic conditions of plastic baskets made of recycled materials cannot meet the requirements of the food processing environment. Furthermore, according to the situation, you can choose a plastic basket made of PP, which has high toughness and good load-bearing capacity. Meat needs to be transported manually, and meat is also a heavy object, and the attribute of toughness is also very important.

Should the cold meat turnover basket be unified?

Unification and standardization are necessary. The plastic baskets of different manufacturers are different, and the sizes are the same in time, and the styles will be different. The molds are different, and the plastic turnover boxes produced in batches are also different. When buying, only choose products from the same manufacturer, which can standardize and unify the entire supply chain. There are many advantages to doing this. Workers can adapt quickly and improve work efficiency. A neat and uniform turnover box can better highlight the image of a large manufacturer
Meat processing has always had prospects for development. The daily consumer product of the people is meat. On a larger scale, food is the top priority for the people. This is a big issue for people’s livelihood and needs to be treated with caution. When choosing cold meat turnover baskets, you must choose carefully.

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